2 hrs heavy rain sounds in Tokyo

heavy_rain_2hours_youtube video

Heavy rain sounds in October recorded from a balcony of a flat located on the outskirts of Tokyo city.
White noise helps you focus and concentrate and do your work when you study, work from home, reading, pondering over new idea, etc.
This video lasts 2 hours, so it is also useful for timed productivity sessions.

You will hear raindrops hit a metal balcony railing, and a puddle on the balcony.
The balcony is on a street side, so you might also hear some hustle bustle of the city in the background, such as, noises from rumbling trains, cars squealing, growling, and splashing water, ambulance sirens, etc.
If you are looking for sleep music, i.e., if you prefer heavy rain sounds without ambulance sirens,

please check this video.

If you prefer a longer version, 10 hour version is also available.