Immersion for absolute beginners

Explanation on Immersion for absolute beginners

The Linguist Steve Kaufmann

Essentially, as a beginner we should immerse ourselves in the language. In other words, don’t try to master the fine points of grammar upfront. You won’t remember them. It’s going to confuse you. And, again, I always talk from my own perspective, my own experience, my own preferences as a learner. I find that the heavy grammar explanation upfront is intimidating. Because we have no point of reference we don’t know what these grammar explanations are referring to, but immerse yourself. That means don’t spend too much time on absolute beginner text. You know, this is a pen. This is a book. This is a door. This is a car. I find it quite comfortable to jump right in to call it lower, intermediate-type text. It’s not necessarily more difficult and it gives you more context. It gives you something to grab a hold of and so that is very much what I have been doing with Arabic.